Take a break and relax!

Most of us spend around 8 hours in a row with so much stuff in our head expecting to go home, sit back and relax at the end of the day. We torture our brain cells to keep working no matter how stuffed your brain feels. We ignore all the signs of stress and keep the emotions to ourselves. Did you know that it can make us weak both physically and mentally with time? Well, it does.

Life isn’t always easy

We all go through hard times. It might be work related or personal life related stuff. But whenever you feel pressured or too much to take in, you should give yourself a break. Take time and relax.

Today’s post is about how you can truly relax in between your busy schedule while taking your mind away from the things that torture your brain. Let’s get started!


I know! It sounds effortless. Because every living being do that. It’s like an automated process of our cycle. But did you know that focusing on your breathing process can really enhance your productivity and help you get rid of that stressful feeling?

Get ready! We’re about to relax

You can be sitting or lying down for this. Just relax your body and start breathing. Follow the chart below.

This is really effective if you feel so stressed out at work and too much stuff to get done. It gives you this instant feeling of relief. I recommend you to try this if you are facing difficulties to sleep at night. It works for me.

Relaxing your muscles

Well, this one takes a lil more time than the breathing technique. But it really helps with the tension in your mind. It gives you this peaceful feeling by slowing down your heart rate and reducing the blood pressure.

There is a series of muscles you can focus on. Either you can do it all or just pick few as to your preference. No matter how you want to do it, approach one muscle type at a time.

1. Face

Step one — Lift your eye brows up as you wrinkle your forehead till you feel that your forehead muscles are pressured.

Step two — Squint your eyes like you are giving something a closer look and wrinkle your nose. You can feel the tension in the center of your face when you do that. And also try to do the duck face. Trust me this the funniest of them all.

Step three — Have you ever tried to smile like a creepy person? If you haven’t then try it now. Say “cheeeeeee” (Not cheese) till you feel the pressure on your cheeks. Don’t forget to clench your teeth well.

2. Neck & shoulders

Step one — Look down at your feet and gently touch your chest with your chin and gradually increase the pressure till you feel the pull in the back of your neck.

Step two — Pull up your shoulders towards your ears (like you’re trying to hide your head inside your body), till you feel the tension in your head, shoulders, neck and upper back.

3. Arms

Step one — Pull back your arms and press the elbows towards the sides of your body. When you do this, you should be feeling the tension in your upper arms, shoulders and back.

Step two — Make a fist (like you gonna punch someone) and pull up the wrist. You can feel the tension in your hands and lower arms when you do this.

4. Stomach

Take your tummy in towards your spine till you feel the tension of your abdominal muscles.

5. Legs and feet

Step one — I suggest you to do this while sitting because it is easier that way. All you have to do is, bringing both your knees together and pushing one against another. You can feel the tension in your thighs.

Step two — In this step we focus on the lower legs. You should bend your ankles to make your toes point upwards. And this makes you feel the tension in your calves.

Step three — Turn your feet inward like it’s crooked and try curling up your toes and out.

And now!!!!! You’re done. I hope you’d feel better once you try this. Personally I love these techniques because it has helped me to take my mind away from the things that stress me out.

Don’t forget to try each muscle type several times with few seconds intervals. And make sure you loosen your muscles before getting started.

For me I do the face muscle relaxing and the breathing technique a lot because it doesn’t take much time and they are the easiest to do. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Have a good day!


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